NatGeo Geo-Inquiry Geospatial Resources

Strategic Data – ArcGIS Online maps – ready to use

Mapping Tools

National Geographic Tile Map Kits

  • Download, print and assemble tile maps

National Geographic Map Maker Interactive

  • Interactive map with layers
  • Can save map
  • Create bookmarks
  • Basic drawing
  • Latitude/longitude
  • Text, photos, videos
  • National Geographic stories are available in the Voyager feature under the “education” tab
  •  Inspire students with National Geographic’s Google Earth resources

Google Maps

  • Click on “sandwich” on top left
  • Right click to “Measure Point”
  • Get coordinates – right click “What’s here”
  • Search Nearby
  • Street view from the past

Google Earth Engine

  • Satellite imagery and geospatial datasets with planetary-scale analysis capabilities

ArcGIS Online

Esri ConnectED

  • Free School Organization/software accounts – scroll to the bottom to sign up for your account




Historical Data

John Snow’s Cholera activity