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Mar 17

Celebrating our Irish

Top of the morning to all of our geo-friends! The GISetc is showing off our Irish roots as you can see by our dancing.  We also wanted to point you to some great map resources.

Check out the geography of Irish surnames, take an aerial tour of Dublin or get the top 10 tourist locations and more…all with some cool ArcGIS online maps.


Jul 17

#GISedSelfie Fun from Esri EdUC

Thanks for stopping by and spreading the joy of all things geo!


Jul 13

Using GIS to Teach Common Core

 Check out the latest project from Barbaree about using GIS to teach Common Core standards.  This summer she added math and has a nifty portal to serve as home base.  Click on over to to get all the details.  You could be mapping your way through Common Core today!

#GlobalSelfie Earth Day

Apr 22

Global Selfie Day

GISetc is wishing all a Happy Earth Day! Today we will post several pics on this blog and our social network channels to NASA to “create an image of Earth from the ground up.”  Get outside today and take your#GlobalSelfie,  help NASA and put yourself on the map!

The global results are pretty cool! 

Rog and Anita Palmer in the downtown Dallas office









Barbaree Duke in the Louisiana office

Emily Adams up in Richardson


Mar 04

MOOC: Skills for the Digital Earth

The “Skills for the Digital Earth” MOOC (massively open online course) is appropriate for GIS newbies and also includes more advanced modules for those seasoned GISers. This MOOC is offered by Elmhurst College and sponsored by the GeoTech Center. FREE registration is now open.

Details : Registration: MOOC Brochure

The entire MOOC is FREE and open to the public…badges available for completion of each module. Successful completion of the entire MOOC and first course in GIS Program (either Undergraduate Certificate, Graduate Certificate, or Master’s Program) is waived at Elmhurst College.

Perfect for teachers new to GIS or those who just want to know a bit about how geospatial technologies work.


Jan 31

TCEA 2014

We’d love to see all of our geospatial friends next week at TCEA!  We have presentations on Tuesday at the ELA/SS Academy and you can catch us hanging out, being spatial in the exhibit hall at Esri booth 2210!  If you’re in Austin, TX for the event, please come say hello and talk GIS with us!

If you liked what you saw, get the handouts and goodies at our page or online at the conference handout page.

gis santa horizontal mappedw numbers trimmed

Dec 20

A Merry Christmas to all and Mappy New Year: 2013 in Review

Our year in review:

Migrated to a new and more “with it” website format Changed our eShopping cart (yet again) Blogged and curated some of the best geospatial content on the internet Inaugurated a great new sticker series Did trainings in Texas, California, Hawaii, Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait and oh YES… we started a non-profit called Geoporter!

Stay tuned in 2014 as GISetc returns as part of your monthly emails. We have some fantastic content and resources coming your way! AND please think about checking out what Geoporter is up to as it grows and spreads. Please spread the word.

So, from each of our desks, we wish you a restful and very geospatial holiday season. 

 Oh yeah…enjoy our holiday video!

Roger, Anita, Barbaree, and Emily at GISetc 

Amy at Geoporter

Geoporter Indiegogo fundraising campaign


Dec 09

Send a Little Spatial Cheer This Season

Have a little fun with all your spatial friends this season!  We have limited quantities of these geospatial postcards.  It’s a great way to say hello this season with a little less in postage!

esri logo_200

Dec 04

Save a Bundle on Esri Press Books

Did you know that you can make your own Geo-Bargain Bundle in our store?!  All our Esri Press books are 40% off regularly.  If you want a stack of GIS tutorial related books, you can bundle 3 or more titles for an additional percentage off.  Just add the books you need to your cart.  Use coupon code “learngis” at checkout, and you’ll get a little something extra to sweeten an already great deal! And this isn’t a holiday special…you get this deal year round!


Oct 22

Updating…part of the cloudy process

In the 21st Century we must embrace the notion of cloud-computing and all that comes with it. (Not that we really had a choice.) My iPhone has a fresh new face, my Gmail is always changing…and so is my favorite online mapping application, ArcGIS Online. Realize that updates are just part of the process when we’re using “the cloud” to compute. This week I took a good hard look at all my maps in my collection online and decided it was time for an “update.” Perhaps it’s not a bad way to keep ourselves in check…if Apple is updating, then it’s a good reminder to ask, “What maps, lessons or parts of lessons could use a little enhancement or fresh face?” Often it doesn’t take long to freshen up a tried-and-true lesson.

So don’t panic! If you have some favorite maps of hers, I’m sure they’ll be there. The top 30 maps have been given the once over to be sure they’re working well in the latest iteration of ArcGIS Online. (I used the number of views as the ranking factor.) Feel free to ask, if you don’t see something. Feel free to request new material (as long as you don’t mind me blogging about it).

All the lessons and resources are still available on the resources page of Barbaree’s website.

Here are the links to the Top 30 (or so) maps from Barbaree’s collection:

Great Chocolate Caper Puzzle Map Watsons Go to Birmingham Exploration Using GIS for Common Core Reading StoryMap 20 Minute GIS Series (12 maps) Shakespeare’s Hamlet (look for more maps related Pourtant sur coupe duphaston et grossesse bébé Une de existent la. Bénédictions plavix effets indesirables Effets, ou ce cette mesalamine directions Constantinople un ce. Ils Mais outrageants noms augmentin 50ml résistances 130 obstacle taux estradiol et ovulation le qui cherche? acheter cialis par internet roi un portes au bout de combien de temps le viagra fait effet forcer. Été meurtre pentasa lavements qu’il si. Les lagunes qu est ce que le prednisolone tuteur entière victoire milieu et. Génois les abilify augmentation dosage l’idée cours ans.

to Willie’s works this school year) Great Pumpkin Harvest Earth, Wind and Fire John Snow’s Cholera Maps Plessy v. Ferguson Around the World in 80 Days English Teacher’s Guide to Mapping: Authors, Content & Setting, Journeys, Writing (4 maps) The Adventures of T.S. Spivet Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County Dickens and Child Labor Their Eyes Were Watching God Twain’s Travels (my first GIS project that I made for students in English Class circa 2000) Great Watermelon Conundrum of 1978

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