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Dec 28

Visualizing U.S. Births and Deaths in Real-Time

This mind-blowing map updates births and deaths across the United States in real time as they are reported. It’s a powerful tool to help students understand population trends and the mortality rate. Click here to watch the cycle of life churn on.

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[box type=”bio”] InfoMap added to December 3, 2012 from an uncredited designer. Visit for the original post.[/box]

Dec 11

What Happens When You Chop Up Cities And Stack Them Sideways

Imagine if city maps were puzzles. Have you ever really looked at the shapes involved? One clever artist looked at a map and decided to try a “city autopsy” and the results were interesting, graphic and ***oh so fun*** to study.

This is Berlin:

And this is Berlin in pieces:

When you look at a city by sorted shape, it gives you a feel for how it is to travel those crocked (or straight) streets and explore all the hidden treasures around every corner. Be sure to read the full article and see the other stunning dissected cities, including New York, Paris and Istanbul (not Constantinople).

[box type=”bio”] Originally posted on NPR’s blog on September 13, 2012 9:03 by ROBERT KRULWICH[/box]

Dec 10

Meet the Black Marble

Every once in a while we share a resource that makes up stop and say, “wow”. This is one of those links! Big thanks to our friend Barb Wallner who brought this article and these pictures to our attention. Be sure to click on the article link to read more and see two other stunning images compiled by the Suomi.

Be prepared to see the “blue marble” view of earth as never seen before…They call this the “black marble”. It was assembled from a series of cloud-free images acquired over time by the Suomi spacecraft. “The Black Marble dataset shows off one of Suomi’s key innovations: the low-light sensitivity of its VIIRS instrument.”

[box type=”bio”] Originally posted on BBC News blog, December 6, 2012. Written by Jonathan Amos[/box]

Dec 07

Apps We Love: TourWrist

This week’s app is an award winner! It has won the DEMO 2012 People’s Choice Award and MacWorld’s 2012 Best of Show and has gotten high praise from CNN, Mashable, WIRED and more!

Bring your panorama shots to life with “remote reality” viewing. TourWrist will take you around the world and gives you breathtaking 360 degree views. Now not only can you visit new places from your device, you can create your own virtual visual portals to the places you travel and can share them with the world.

Every week we select a new app and share its description in our “Apps We Love” column. We do not endorse devices from any one company or receive any kind of compensation for these features. We just share links to apps that can help you teach, learn, work and grow.

[box type=”bio”] App updated: Nov 05, 2012 Developer: Spark Labs LLC[/box]

Dec 04

Super Tuesdays: Purple America

We ran across the Purple America and were mesmerized by how pretty it was. After some digging online, we found an article about “Purple America” on Wikipedia. We love this blended view of our nation’s political landscape instead of the traditional red and blue. This map and philosophy is all about the popular vote, not the electoral college and is a refreshing change.

The following is an excerpt from the Wiki article: “The phrase Purple America refers to the belief that a more detailed analysis of the voting results of recent United States national elections reveals that the U.S. electorate is not as polarized between “Red” America (Republican) and “Blue” America (Democratic) as is often depicted in news analysis. The term reflects the fact that news organizations generally use the colors red and blue on maps to indicate when a state or congressional district has been won by a Republican or Democratic candidate, respectively. Because the American political system often awards a state or congressional district entirely to one candidate (“winner take all”) without regard to the margin of victory, it results in a map that does not reflect the true distribution of “red” or “blue” votes across the nation. The distortions contained in these maps, the argument goes, contribute to the misperception that the electorate is highly polarized by geography.”

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With Super Tuesdays we are careful not to endorse either party. We strive to present unbiased links that can spark conversations based on current events in your classroom.

[box type=”bio”] Article excerpt from Wikipedia. Click here for the full write-up Cartograms developed by Gastner, Shalizi, Newman at the University of Michigan provide another way to depict election results. [/box]

Nov 30

Apps We Love: Remind101

First of all, a big thanks to our friend & colleague, Barbaree Duke for bringing Remind101 to our attention! It’s a great tool for teachers to communicate with their students!

Remind101 provides a safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents. It is 100% free and is used by over 200,000 teachers, students and parents to send millions of messages every month.

Now you can message your entire class of students or parents in seconds. Teachers never see students’ phone numbers and students never see theirs. All students and parents do to join is just send a text message (no computer needed). Unlimited, free text messages between you, your students and their parents.

Every week we select a new app and share its description in our “Apps We Love” column. We do not endorse devices from any one company or receive any kind of compensation for these features. We just share links to apps that can help you teach, learn, work and grow.

[box] App updated: Nov 01, 2012 Developer: Remind101, Inc.[/box]

Nov 29

Welcome to FLU-Ville!

In preparation for flu season this year, the CC challenged web and app developers to come up with a clever app or online game to help raise awareness for flu prevention. You can view all the FLU app finalists here.

Their first place winner was an addictive game called FLU-ville. This is a great game to tell your students about, since it teaches as well as entertains. Once flu stats roll in, the level of difficulty will go up depending on the percentage of cases in each state.

PLAY FLU-Ville on facebook

PLAY FLU-Ville online

As I look around, about half of our friends are sniffling or coughing. Meanwhile, I’m planning on locking myself in my office armed with a can of disinfectant, a cup of tea and my computer…because I’m now addicted to FLU-ville!

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[box type=”bio”] FLU-Ville is a game created in a contest for the CDC. To learn more about the flu app challenge go to [/box]

Nov 28

Thanksgiving vs. Black Friday?

A design company, Accurat, created this great interactive map to visually compare geo-referenced Twitter and Instagram hashtagged contributions related to Thanksgiving and Black Friday over the 2 days of November 22 (Thanksgiving) and 23 (Black Friday) 2012 over the city of New York. Turn on and off days and sources to see how map and stats change over time! Such a cool use of creating a map with social media!!! CLICK HERE to interact with the map.

by accurat.Learn about infographic design.

[box type=”bio”] Map created by Accurat ( and posted on at November 2012. [/box]

Nov 21

Map Your Thanksgiving Dinner

As you prepare for turkey day tomorrow – whether you’re travelling to family, shopping, cooking or frantically cleaning for company (or several of the above), take a breather and explore where your Thanksgiving meal came from with a delectable, interactive story map from Esri.

[box type=”bio”] Read the accompanying article from The Smithsonian that this Esri story map was created for.[/box]


Nov 14

Happy GIS Day from GISetc

To celebrate GIS Day, we want to highlight three things that make us happy:

Earth Systems Science Map Portal

1. We have launched a new section on our website – MAP PORTALS! Through these portals discover rich free resources of map data in earth sciences, agriculture, English and language arts as well as elementary resources that compliment our 20 Minute GIS lessons.


2 .We’ve also been working hard to populate a new section of our shop – the .99 cent store of digital download GIS lessons!!! We are so excited to bring you resources in this new, affordable format. So far we have 20 lessons uploaded, and we’re adding more all the time, so keep checking back! If you like our mini downloads, be sure to check out our full length books as well! All of our popular titles have been converted to digital content as well as being offered in print.

3. Last, but not least, we wanted to send a big THANK YOU to Charlie Fitzpatrick at Esri for all the hard work he is putting in on statewide licensing. Click on the link to explore the map to see how many licenses have been put in place!